As always things don't work out like I wanted them to LOL. Well actually it's all on me this time. I had a lot of fun this last few days and it was expensive. For example I spent almost $65 on booze instead of $35.

Thus we have $43.64 for contingency funds. That is to say, just in case money. Some will be used up by unplanned coffee outings and so on, so I'm sure by the end of the month most if not all will be gone. I'm sure I'll want a bag of chips now and then for example.

But I have my Vacuum, I got 2 months worth a hemp oil as a gift for a person I know (and 1 month for me). I got my Firestick and several other small things. Also, as I said - I had fun.

The plan is to NOT order in for the rest of the month or eat out. I do however have a dinner outing 1 day before I get paid, that goes on the credit card or my overdraft. Depends - I've never used a credit card before - so I don't know if there is interest on my stuff at the end of the billing period (the 7th).

I paid it all off right away, but I don't really know how it works. I should have read that thing they sent me I guess. If there is no interest when you pay it off or if it's really not much money, I'll use it and get the points. The overdraft is like $0.30 for $100 all month - so it's very low amount to use it.

There WILL more than likely be groceries going on the card before I get paid at the end of the month (30th). There are deals to be had the week before payday and they often include a lot of points. I got literally 19,000+ points this last time by shopping early.

I'm 400 points away from $20 off. I'm going to stack up the points till I get like $50 or $60 and use the extra money to treat myself to a nice time out or something. You know - like a steak dinner with a cocktail and so on (if chuck reads this he will comment why is the steak having a cocktail).

I really should have saved some money and I could have cut $50 by not eating out and ordering in, but hell it was fun and I need fun now and then.

Anyway next month is slightly more money coming in as my advance I got is paid off after 6 months. Most of it will be eaten up by the extra money to my phone bill. I went back to 10GB and unlimited calling in Canada and the USA. So I can phone people in the USA from Saskatoon if I want, and it's not extra.

Anyway, someone was saying Prime is a waste of money. Being they have Netflix and pay like twice as much for it, I wonder how prime is a waste? I on average order 2 things a month on Amazon. The shipping for 2 small items would be more than I pay for prime LOL. So.

If I ever have to pick between Prime video and Netflix, Netflix goes. Prime is way less money and the shows are just as good. I'd miss my shows, but CRAP Netflix is like $14 now just for me? Sigh. If it ever hits $20 I'm freaking gone and I'm kind of sure a lot of other people will be as well.

Anyway, that's it for this. Have a good one.


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