This is a product by Minhas Distillery here in Saskatchewan. It's not actually whisky, it's whisky flavoured. To be honest there is only the taste of caramel in it and it's very sweet. It's candy sweet. I'm rather certain drinking this stuff was like having 2 large pizzas for calories (just going on how sweet it was). I've already tossed the bottle or I'd see if there is a calorie count on it. It's bottled at 43% and goes down smooth. Basically it's a grain spirit with flavour added to it. You can see by the price below, it's not that expensive and for the price I'd recommend it. I'll not be going for it over my standby as I am rather sure it's just too much calories for my desire, but it's nice for you folks who are not trying to lose more weight than your best friend weighs. I'm not very sure if you can get it out of Saskatchewan, but if you can or you live here, give it a try. BTW this was a gift - a nice gift.


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