14" Hand Tossed

Brooklyn Pepperoni, Sausage, Bacon, Jalapeno Peppers, Pizza Sauce, Cheese. (BTW that is sriracha in top of the pizza).

This is what I got stupid and ordered. I've literally got $42 left on the credit card I can use and still pay it off when I get paid, so there can NOT be any more of this this month. Sigh.

However I still have not had any booze, or sugar to speak of other than a small can of Ginger Ale to settle a sick tummy to allow me to do the dang laundry in peace. I don't normally do much sugar so that's not the issue. The issue is the pizza thing, or burgers. I just need to motivate myself and keep on track no matter how much it SUCKS.

The booze thing I can take or leave. I do enjoy a good whisky or 3 from time to time, but I can leave it alone as well. I do like the feeling of being drunk as well, but most times I do bother to drink it's just a couple of drams. So it's not a big issue.

I need to try very hard next month and stick to the plan. I need to save money and try not to go over budget. I want to lower the debt I'm in. This is hard being that normally I'm at $0 at the end of the month.

With several mishaps that made me need to spend a pile of money I ended up about $400 on the card every month. This is OK as long as I pay it off the next month, but still I'd rather not be on the card at all and be able to pay it off the same month instead of the next month.

I do realize that most people in my situation will literally never get out of the hole however. I live on $1093 a month and with rent and bills and food, it's about all gone. Then with the other stuff that you end up needing now and then the rest is normally gone. So yeah, I'm screwed.

At least I've never had interest to pay. This is a good thing. If I last 4 more months an advance I got to get clothing I needed will be paid off and I'll then be getting $40 more a month - If I don't need more dang clothing by then (most likely wont) - so that will help.

As well I will try to refrain from ordering stuff with my GST (sales tax rebate) and use it to get the card paid down.

What I really need is literally to come into $500 with no strings attacked - then I could pay off the card and live the rest of the month and still have a tinny bit life over at the end.

As it is I would have to go on my overdraft and then pay interest on that, if I needed to take a cab to the hospital or something. I can normally get a ride, but now and then I literally can't and need a cab home - that is like $20 one way.

I'm not even going to have chips as a treat for the rest of the month as I had this F*ing pizza and blew the diet plan - I need to compensate. Anyways back on plan and back to trying my hardest to pay down this pile of debt.

On the plus side I don't need anything - I've got all I need for the month right now. I also don't need to spend for food until after I pay off the card so it will be on next months debt load.


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