So Your New PC Won't Boot

So your new PC won't boot for some reason. Well if you have an external drive on it, this could be this issue and most likely is. The boot sequence on a PC is normally set to boot from a USB device first during the installation of Windows 10. You are going to want to set that to C drive.

Now turn off the power wait a moment then turn it back on. You should see something about press "F2" or "Return" or "Del" to enter setup. If you don't see that, use another device to see what key you need to press. In any event, you want to rapidly press the key (normally its F2) to enter the boot setup.

When the boot setup opens there will be a list of devices and Enter Setup. Use the arrow keys and then return to enter setup.

Use the arrow keys to move over to "boot". Use the arrow keys to move to "Removable Devices" and press the "-" key to move it to the the bottom of the list. Then use the arrow keys to select Hard Drive and the "+" key to move it to the top of the list.

If there is more than one hard drive installed or there is a partition set up, press Enter on the Hard Drive then select C and use the "+" key to move it to the top.

At the bottom of the boot menu there should be instructions on what key to press to save the bios settings. It is normally F9 - it may be different on your device. Then select "yes" and press return. At this point the computer will then boot from the device set to the first slot.


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