• Search for "Create a recovery drive" and then click it. Admin password may be required.
  • When the tool opens, make sure "Back up system files to the recovery drive" is selected, then select Next.
  • Click USB drive (thumb drive), and then click Next.
  • Click Create.
  • The process will take a rather long time, there are a vast amount of files to copy.
  • You will need a 16GB USB thumb drive. More than likely it will be less than 6GB used but the recommend a 16GB device.

P.S. You will want to look up how to enter bios on boot on your computer then copy down the instructions then in bios go to the boot option and follow the instructions for your computer model on how to set the boot option to the USB first. After installing windows you might want to shut it off as the firs boot option if you have an external drive - also you will want to unplug any external drives before trying to boot from the USB thumb drive.


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