You will have to click the image to enlarge. Don't know how well that will work on a phone, but a tablet might be fine. Anyways... What the actual hell is abusive about any of these comments. The held for review box is where the bot puts them if it thinks they are "abusive" or could be "abusive". The best thing is it waited till the next day to toss them in there after I'd replied to every last one of them. The hell? It seems to do it in clusters. There will be nothing in the box for a week to 2, then POOF several comments get tossed in there form a recent video. Every last time there was not one thing wrong with them. Well OK literally 1 comment was a bit on the snide side, but it was meant as a joke and did not cross a line that any rational person would think is abuse. So I'm left wondering how many people have been punted off of YouTube for stuff they never did. I do remember one time getting a strike for "copyright music". Well the video literally had no sound in it. I don't mean I did not talk, I mean in editing I had removed the sound from it - there literally was no sound. I had to appeal and it took like 2 weeks for the video to show back up. I never even got a thing saying "OOPS". Sigh.


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