So this is twitter on my phone in the app store after update. I go to check my feed and "POOF" it crashes. I have to uninstall it and reinstall the freaking thing. Well I got a Samsung phone and it remembers your passwords. WELL I changed the freaking thing and for some reason it never asked me for the new one on the phone, I just kept using the app - so it never updated on the Samsung save thing. So I look at my password list (it's encrypted on my phone) and it's the OLD one. So I try to guess, 3 strikes and poof it asks if I forgot my password. So I go to the bother of changing the password and logging in and having it text me the magic fucking number to verify I'm either who I am or the guy who killed me to take over my twitter. So cut to hours later on the PC - I click Twitter and instantly it asks me for my new password. Sure the phone does not give 2 fucks if I know my "new" password, but the browser sure as hell does. Good thing I've now updated it on my list and resaved it to my phone. See with the encrypted list you only need to remember one password and it's nice LONG one. But now the Samsung pass has the new one saved for the next time something stupid and annoying happens or I get a new phone.


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