This is a product by Minhas Distillery. A Caesar is a very Canadian drink. It consists of Vodka and Clamato Juice (literally tomato juice with clam juice in it). How anyone came up with the idea for that I don't know but it's freaking tasty. There are a small amount of spices added to it as well. This one is flavoured lightly with Dill Pickle taste (not very strong). For the price you get about 4 large tumblers of premixed drink to consume. It's 13.7% alcohol and goes down smooth. Typically you toss a stick of celery in the glass and rim the glass with seasoning salt - but it's not required. I recommend mildly spicy pepper with it. I don't do the salt as I don't tend to like a lot of salt. But if you are having friends over for a cook out or a movie night or even game night, this stuff goes down VERY well. Remember there are about 4 average servings in this (there are about 61.5oz or 1750ml in the bottle). Some would call that 6 or 8 servings but not the people I hang with. You should easily figure out how many bottles you need. There is also the regular and a spicy version - all of them are good. There is exactly the right amount of Vodka in them. You can get the salt to rim the glasses in some of the liquor stores or at the local food store. Just rim the glass with lime (or lemon) and put it into a plate with the salt in it - it's that easy. I actually recommend this one strongly for my fallow Saskatchewan people - it's the best price you will get and to be honest, the best tasting premixed I've ever had (all 3 kinds).


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