Well more carry over on the credit card till next month - but won't be interest as the amount I need to pay will be paid before it's time for interest to start being applied. If I don't get much next month and don't spend much on myself for fun, I will most likely be out of the hole in a few months. I want to get back to the point where I can pay it all off before the end of the month on the same check, not the next months check like I'm doing now. As well would be nice to be able to leave a bit in the bank just in case I need a cab ride - until I get it all taken care off, that won't happen. When my contract with Shaw Cable runs out, I'll be dropping cable for good and switching to Sasktel for internet - then it will be $79 a month instead of $157 a month ($78 saving - so half the price). My phone plan is staying the same - I want the unlimited Data so I can use the phone anywhere and if I switch to a plan with no unlimited I will be billed long distance if I answer the phone out of town. This way I can also call people in Canada and the USA price included - no long distance charges. I need some new undies the NEXT GST rebate month (sales tax rebate) but most of it can go to getting out of the hole. With luck I won't need anything next month and I will stick to the plan of spending as little as possible. BTW I'm on disability and unable to work at all, so my income is fixed and the rent is low because I'm in social housing. I've had a donation to help pay off the debt and I'm very grateful for it. A could months ago it was much worse, the card was maxed out every month and sill nothing in the bank. I will be seeing what April 2020 has in store as that's GST month. In May 2020 my clothing advance from Disability will be paid off and there will be $1143.00 Income - it's paid $40 a month. If you can and want to donate you can do so at:


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