This was the Valentines special at R&S just outside of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada this year. There was 11 of us out there for it (2 had something else as they where children and hard to please).

It consists of a chicken breast stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon, Popcorn shrimp, Backed potato with real bacon bits - green onions and sour cream, Mixed veggies and garlic toast. It was followed by a parfait that was delicious. It was actually all excellent food. The price was $16 but there is a lot of work in this dish as it's all home cooking.

The best part was being with friends and enjoying conversation to me. The meal was a bonus. We are people who don't go out often after all, we don't tend to be able to afford it. I was lucky to have it paid for by a friend. I'm very grateful for the meal and the companionship.


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