Yeah, this is me covered in itchy. That is an actual hive on my eyelid.

So I have a LOT of chemical sensitivities. The worst thing is, there does not have to be enough for me to smell it to react to it sometimes. So I almost never know what got me.

This was taken with my phone on Jan 29th, 2020. It always starts with my face then spreads to the rest of me. In fact it's happening again while I type this.

Some people would think "well move then". Well there is no safe place other than my own house, and being I'm on disability - I'm stuck where I am. I can't afford a different location and still feed myself.

The worst of this was 2 buildings ago. The woman across the hall sprayed a pile of some crap and I got hit so bad I had to call 911. They gave me a shot because I could not breath. I phoned another person on my floor to ask them to open the windows before I got home and explain what happened. The woman was apologetic - but It's not her fault, she did not know this could happen.

Many times I've had to leave a coffee shop or relocate to another table because of perfume or body spray. It does seem that if a person will react to the crap someone has on - they will find you in the world and sit right next to you. I'm serious, this has happened hundreds of times over the decades.

The older I get the worse it gets as well. It's just not fun. 2 or 3 times a week it will happen.

Then there is "fibro rash" - that looks different than this - it's more evenly distributed. I had that not long before I took this photo. That is just as bad - itchy from head to toe and there is nothing on earth that will stop it. At least with the chemicals I can pop a pill or 2 and it will ease up.

Anyway, remember almost 30% of people have some kind of bad reaction to scented products or harsh cleaners. The good part is people are getting it now and less are buying scented crap. The worst is people when you tell them, think "you just don't like the smell". The fact you are turning red and lumps are forming does not seem to get them to understand somehow.

Peace be with you.


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