This was when I checked the menu on my Facebook app. I'm kind of sure I don't have 95 messages I've not read, to they are not "new" if you ask me.

Now the dang app is doing an annoying then when I try to comment or reply to a comment. It is closing the keyboard instantly and I have to tap the comment box a 2nd time.

There has literally never been a time in the many years I've been using their app where it worked 100% the way it should. As well, why do I need 2 apps for everything? I have a different one for messenger and Facebook. There is no need for this at all. Unless you are using a phone that's 8 years old or more, one app should work on your phone.

There is also the app for the place I shop - the points app and the shopping app are both actually kind of small as apps go, so why is it not one app?

It's like everything out there has more than one app now. God my cable company has a raft of freaking apps you can install. There is no reason I can't have the TV app and the account app in the same app. You don't want to watch TV, don't. Speaking of the cable account app, there is an ad on it for an app I do NOT want to install and it won't fuck off unless I install the app, so I have to have this big ass ad for the app in the middle of my data. There should at least be an "I'm aware of the app, now fuck off" button.

Modern phones are made to have a lot of memory and a lot of storage, yet the apps are splitting apart into a sea of apps. I just don't like this trend at all.

The other trend is calling it free when in reality, to get anywhere in a game, you need to spend a bunch of money for "extra content". Or they have a popover ad that is delayed just enough for you to want to tap something and when you go to do it, you tap the fecking ad. Zedge I'm looking at you!

For years I have been using an app to edit video on my phone and I paid for it years ago. All the sudden I can't do 4K video editing unless I "subscribe" to the service. Here is the thing, it had that when I PAID for it. But the app will reset the data file when you close it and you have to literally every single time "restore purchase" or subscribe. It's a trick to get you to pay for something you have.

It's amazing I tell you. It used to be before the government stepped in that kids apps tricked them into buying content they did not know was pay. Now you can set it to NOT pay right away and you need to authorize the payment, thank God. I read one time where their kid wracked up $2500 on the credit card of the parents in a month playing games.

It's all a game to get you to first off install as many apps as possible to expose you to advertising on multiple apps, and secondly to try and trick you into clicking ads to mazimize revenue. Let's not forget putting the go away button in the top corner and making it so small you click the ad my mistake. Sigh.

We are in a society that is dominated by these devices and we are increasingly exploited when using them. Think about how many ads a teen or child sees on their phone. Think about how this effects a brain that is easy to get to want things.

Anyway, have a good one.


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