~118 TV Channels.
~15 Sports.
~10 Movie/specialty channels.
~62 Music channels (listen only).
~600 Mb/s down - 20 Mb/s up internet.
~App that allows you to control your network and the devices on it.
~App that allows you to download your DVR to the phone or tablet - also watch live TV on the go or movies on demand.
~You can also use the app to favourite content to watch later on the TV.

$179 a month for 24 months on current promotion. $198.69 after taxes. For the amount of content I'm getting and the ability to stream on the go I find it worth it. That is in our market. The rest of the world outside the USA and Canada pay a lot less for internet and cable than we do - we also tend to pay a lot more for mobile service and data here. So it's all relevant.

TV channels may actually very with location I'm told - so you may have more or less of them.

I was paying $157.53 after taxes before and getting less TV and half the speed on internet. The upload speed is only 5 faster however - but I'll take it as I'm a content provider and upload a great deal of content to the internet. Bandwidth is also unlimited.

They mailed me the modem as I'm not able to get there in person as I'm disabled and I found that to be nice of them - a return label to ship back the old modem is included I'm told.

So far I'm enjoying all the extra TV and the app. I live in a apartment and it was nice to watch live TV in the laundry room on my tablet. Honestly though, every cable company should have this option - it's kind of needed these days.

It would literally be amazing if you had lag with this speed even with 10 people gaming at the same time. So yeah - it's good for a family not just a single person like myself. There are also pods you can get to extend WiFi and eliminate dead-spots.

So far I'm giving it the following ratings:
~Programming quality: 9/10
~Equipment quality: 10/10
~Customer service 7/10 (this would have been a 9 if they listened. I literally said I wanted it to start on the 28th and they started it on the 2nd).
~WiFi performance: 10/10 - I can literally stay connected in the parking lot - the competition can't say this trust me - also the completion tended to have a lot of outages for no valid reason.
~Average score: 9/10

Thing I wish is, that the upload speed be faster as in twice as fast. Would actually like to see 50 Mb/s up for this price. Faster then that is kind of pointless as many places tend to max out upload speed at 50, so the ability to go faster is pointless. Also 4K content would be nice. One final note is nothing to do with Shaw - but I have no idea why some channels are still broadcasting at 720P. The minimum should be 1080P.

P.S. don't expect to suck 600 down on your tablet or phone - it's not comment they get over 250 down, you need to pay a lot for devices that go that fast. A wired device should get the full speed - depending on the device. EX a smart TV may not go that fast, but your PC/Mac should. The idea of very fast internet is to have a lot of users on it and not have lag.


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