So I'm not all the way over having pulled a tendon in the back of my left knee and now I seem to have harmed my left hip. There is an old injury there from when I was a child and it almost never acts up but when it does mostly it's a dull pain about a level 5 (like now). But now and then it goes off and it literally takes my breath away. I've had it happen while out for coffee and everyone stopped talking and got concerned as I was in a great deal of pain (8 or 9). It makes my eyes tear up as well - so double the embarrassment. There is a very small hernia there and if it pokes all the way threw I'm in a living hell. I have to dig in there with my fingers and push it back in. The bitch of it is, it left me alone for decades and then all the sudden about 3 years ago came back. I had thought it was healed and done with until then. I have to say when it is bad - it's a sharp pain not a dull one. So I'm going to set a render to run and pop a pill I got for the tendon (while I still have any). BTW I have a large hernia on my abdomen. It needs surgery. The one on my hip they won't fix I'm sure as there is a risk of infection in the aria and it's not life threatening like the abdomen one can be.


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