Every time I'm behind the 8 ball money wise, someone helps. I'm very grateful for this to say the least. I had a $98 overdraft and a $497 credit card bill. With this very kind donation, the overdraft is paid off. After bills and rent I'll have $308.78 left over to pay down the card. I'll also soon be getting a $405 carbon tax rebate (after I file my taxes). With that the card can be paid the rest of the way off and I can buy next months food supply and have about $170 left over. I can order the underwear I need with that and still have some fun money left over. I was supposed to get a payout of $217 from an insurance claim but it seems to not be showing up. If it actually does show up, I'll be ahead all the way this next month on getting things I need and finally off the credit card and having to pay it off the next month. Then I'll be able to pay off the card as I go once again and have the safety net of being able to put something on the card if the need arises once again. That's what happened, I had several unexpected expenses and then poof I was deep in debt. In any event, I this will help a great deal toward the getting off paying next month instead of as I go. There are kind people out there with generous hearts, and I'm grateful as can be for their kindness. P.S. the money should be in my bank in less time than it shows. Normally it's a day or 2.


  1. You got to get on that insurance company, they need to honor the policy.

    1. I'll give it another week. Being they are in the usa not much I can do if they ignore me.


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