Looks like an IV mark, but it's not. I have no idea at all how I got this. I was going a video for YouTube and noticed it. I must have banged my hand on a corner of something. The only thing it could have been is my dresser. With the Fibro pain never stopping, I don't tend to notice doing these things. I've got in the shower and seen bruises the size of a cantaloupe. You would think I'd notice doing that, but I don't.

On a related note I was waking up with scratched almost every day for 2 weeks. They where deep and long. I had a friend come over and cleanse the place with a spell. It seems to have done the trick. Now the only spirit that seems left is the one who plays with a stuffed cat (turns it 90 deg clockwise). And I know - most of you don't believe in spirits - so just ignore this part or assume I'm crazy.


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