25 Random Facts About Me

My worst fibro flare hurt twice as much as when I broke my arm.

By the time I was 10 I was using words I had to explain to my parents.

I consume about 28 OZ of Siracha a month.

I don't buy pickles because I will literally eat them all in 30 minutes. Any kind of pickles.

Bouncy castles and ball pits slightly disturb me.

I've used a cordless drill as a mixer.

When I got my large Pusheen there was no way to get them in Canada. With exchange, foreign shipping and duty fees, it was almost $80.

I got drunk in the bath tub one time to the point I almost had to call a friend to come help me out.

I seriously hate kissing.

When I see the word it's my brain first reads it as tits.

I was 10 months old when I was adopted. I was running and climbing the fence the first day home.

I found a 15 lb rose quartz crystal and did not know it was worth anything. It sat in my car for months then mom told me to get rid of it and I did. A week later I found out its value and went back to where I put it, but it was gone.

I'm sterile.

I once accidentally closed my balls in a kitchen drawer.

Best tasting slice of pizza I ever had was in a hospital.

I have a degree in business management, electronic repair and advanced video systems. Never worked in any of it for long because I did not want to move to get a job. I'm also certified for Microsoft office use. I can also type 90 wpm.

I really like the way the entry way door to my apartment smells. When I put out my I'm OK sign or take it in in the morning - I sniff the door.

I fired a .50 cal sniper rifle in the late 90s. I've also fired am M60.

I pretend to feed my Pusheen stuffed toys every morning.

My brother and I both eat a pumpkin pie and an apple pie each while watching a movie. That's 2 entire pies each.

I had a date with a woman and her mother in the same week and did not know they were mother daughter till the end of the 2nd date?

I can't sleep with the sound of a ticking clock. In fact I hate the sound.

Most of my life I've dreamed of being in an old L shaped house. I've never been anything like it in real life. But it's always the same. Walls are white wainscot board and the floor and ceiling are blue. The stove is wood burning and there is no table, just chairs in the kitchen.

I have a 3.6 mm cyst on my left testicle and one the size of a grape on my left kidney.

I once went for coffee with 3 other friends and we sat there for 8 hours and I consumed 24 cups of coffee and a half loaf of garlic toast.


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