Out of Debt - Mostly

Well the bills are paid off finally and ahead of the April deadline I gave myself. I seriously won't have any fun for the next 2 months, but they are paid off. Thanks to a lot of art sales that where in fact a form of donation, and some outright donations, the $800+ is now all paid off. I don't owe anyone anymore, my overdraft is paid and my outstanding bills I was behind on are paid. I'm very happy for this to happen to say the least. It did take over a year but I made it dang it. There is though, the fact I'll always be on the credit card unless something happens to fix that. I use the card to get what I need and pay bills so I get points with it. I then pay it off the next pay day. It's fine doing this and there is a bit of money left in the bank to play with after I pay off the card (fun money). I just need to win $60,000,000 on the lotto so I can help my friends out and get a nice house - but then again, I don't play the lotto, so it's not going to happen LOL.


  1. I do the same and it is also good for keeping your money safe because credit cards wont ding you if someone steals it, it was my bank sthat told me to do this after last time we got "Stolen"

    1. Yes it's a good idea and every 4 months I get a free dinner out with my points.


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