40 Updates?

Man had not used the tablet in a month and look at this... 40 updates. I don't really have much installed on the tablet even and dang with the updates. Most of them where native Samsung apps that I'll never use and/or have no access to.

I use the tablet for my backup Facebook and my second Instagram. I never post on that Instagram and I see I've had many followers but not many stay - they follow then unfollow soon after. LOL. It's all the muscle men, gay couples and furies I follow on that one that I keep separate from my primary Insta.

There are 3 games on there as well, but nothing complicated. I do have a video editor on there and I don't know why as I do that on my phone or the PC. I still have Nova Launcher as well but not on the phone - it stopped working on my phone and I'm seriously not paying $18 for a launcher like Apex.

I also have all my books on the tablet. I've been NOT reading the last 3 months so I will have to get at it again. Last book I read was a friends book "Visitors Blood". I see by my review that was July 16th. Well maybe more than 3 months no reading.

In any event, my phone keeps up to date by it's self but the tablet seems to want me to go and do it myself. I'm sure there is a setting, but I always have it turned off when charging it, so that won't work as it normally updates when charging. Well enough of that, time to do a different blog post - have several today I want to post.


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