Broken USB C to USB Adapter and Exporting JWildfireMini Flames

To be honest I'm not going I thought I got this last summer - NOPE. It was ordered Aug. 5, 2019. So...

It's a "UGREEN USB C to USB Adapter Cable Type C 3.1 Male to USB 3.0 Female". I got it to be able to put stuff on a thumb drive then on the computer. I had no idea at the time Android will NOT work with a Windows formatted Jump Drive, and wants to format it to it's own file system. So that was out of the question.

However it worked fine when I got it and I was able to format the thumb drive then put stuff on it. Well when I went to use it this time, it did NOT work for me. The USB symbol never showed up in the status bar and I never got the connected notification. I tried it on a fiends phone and the same thing - nothing.

So it was a waste of $10 and now the video files on the jump drive are lost forever. Oh wait, I have the old kind and it worked fine on my old phone and I recovered the videos. But I then formatted the drive for Windows. I'll be using the cloud from now on instead of this kind of thing. It works every time and I don't have to mess with it.

I also have a file sharing tool on my phone that allows me to use my WiFi to toss files to and from the phone. It's a lot faster than using a cable and file explorer.

Of topic, but the non paid version of JWildfireMini does not have an export button. The files are on the root directory in internal storage, in the "JWildfireMini" directory, then "flames" directory. Just save them and use your cable or a file server like I do, to get them on the PC. There is however a difference in the way flames are rendered and the Mini version is an old engine and no longer updated. This is really no secret, but at the same time not all know where to look.


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