All three of the "Pending Authorizations happened when an app I was using figured out what I wanted was out of stock, and they instantly sent an adjustment to cancel the amount. They literally should be gone now as it amount I ended up paying has already processed and is clear. It is showing my usable balance out of $500 is -$30. When it's in brackets it means it's negative or your over your limit. The fact I can be over my limit by $100 is strange enough, but lets get back to this. If these transactions where not canceled, it should add up to -$71.16 or $71.16 over my limit. So either way it's completely wrong. I should be $7.52 from my limit - it tends to round down what you see and should be showing "$7 of $500". When they scroll off this should be fixed and the math will be correct. For some reason until they scroll off the Pending transactions are always not in balance with what you have left over from your limit. Not once has it been correct. It's been out as much as $14. This is why I go to the page and do the math myself before I put a payment on it. The other thing is, if I am over my limit and it's a business day, it should have a red box around the three top numbers and be saying "please pay on your balance now". It's not saying that and as you see, no red box, so it knows I'm not over and still freaking shows I'm over anyway. Got to wonder how it's going it's math and how often it takes you for an extra couple bucks when you pay off the card. Now I need my credit card and this is the only brand my bank will give me and I seriously am not switching banks, so I will live with it, but dang - it should be correct and it's not. The other thing is I'd like my limit to be $600 and they will only jump it to $1000 and I don't want that - it would be too tempting to have it over what I can pay and end up being changed interest like crazy. The other thing is, if I got more than one of the same amount from the same store in a short time without it being canceled, the card would reject it and I'd have to phone them to get it unlocked. But it is not locked (it texts you when it locks and asks you to text back if this is supposed to be happening or not).


  1. Hello this was a great read. My wife Brendah and I love reading your stuff down at the pub with our friends. How can we participate in the tags you do on youtube?

    1. Post a link as a comment or just the answers in the comments would work fine.


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