1. Slugs (1988)
A health inspector and two helpers hunt mutant killer slugs that call the sewer home

2. Martin (1977)
Young Martin is entirely convinced that he is an 84-year-old blood-sucking vampire.

3. Midnight (1982)
A Pittsburgh policeman's runaway daughter is seized by satanists and scheduled for sacrifice.

4. Mountaintop Motel Massacre (1986)
A young woman is caught worshipping Satan by her mother in their remote motel, who kills her. Believing the ghost of her daughter is instructing her, the killer mother then decides to try to kill everyone who is staying at the motel that night.

5. Don't Go in the House (1980)
After the death of his abusive mother, a deranged man starts to lure women back to his house to burn them alive.

6. Deranged (1974)
Based on the case of Ed Gein, an unhinged farmer who turned into a murderous grave robber. Obsessed with the remains of his domineering mother, the man kills and collects bodies in order to keep her company in the house that they shared together.

7. Return to Horror High (1987)
In the early 1980s, a series of gruesome murders occurred at Crippen High School. The killer was never apprehended. A few years later, a film crew uses the now-abandoned Crippen High as the set for a film about the murders

8. The Prowler (1981)
A crazed World War II veteran gets revenge on his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend, then stalks teens 35 years later.

9. Creepshow (1982)
A compendium of five short but terrifying tales contained within a single full-length feature, this film conjures scares from traditional bogeymen and portents of doom. In one story, a monster escapes from its holding cell. Another focuses on a husband with a creative way of getting back at his cheating wife. Other stories concern a rural man and a visitor from outer space, and a homeowner with huge bug problems and a boozing corpse.

10. Slaughterhouse (1987)
Lester Bacon has run into financial trouble and is now facing the grim possibility that he might have to shut down the slaughterhouse he runs. Unwilling to lose his family business but unable to pay down his debt, Lester becomes desperate. So, when a crew of people come to the slaughterhouse thinking they might buy the place, Lester instructs his overweight and mentally disabled son, Buddy, to kill anyone who comes onto their property.


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