PaintShop Pro 2019 My First Look

Got PaintShop Pro 2019 for $29.99 as a super good upgrade deal. Had an issue actually buying it as there was no place in the popup window to buy it - I talked to the chat person on Corel's page and she added it to my cart for me and I processed the payment. It came with a bunch of content as always including some cool photos and a wonderful pluging that turns images into paintings as you see in the screen shot. It's slow as hell to process the painting, but it works.

One interesting note is there are so MANY tools in PSP 2019 they don't all fit on the tool bar LOL. I picked the ones I will use most and left it at that. You can use the menus to get the other tools anyway when you need them.

This is the first version of the app BTW and it does have a strange bug. Seems every new version has issues with selection tool and the cropping tool to some extent. 2019 when you try to move the crop tool a small amount under zoom will jump and move it a great deal of distance. As well when moving the crop tool to the bottom of the page it will NOT scroll, but scrolls in all other directions automatically when you hit the edge.

The default color scheme is not acceptable as it's hard for me to see things when it's all very bright - so I set it to the dark mode. You have several options of how light or dark you want the interface BTW.

There is however NO place to set file locations in the settings and this is a right bother as it's hard to find in the world where it put's things (it's in the program folder). This makes it hard to use all your old presets and content as you have to move them to the new folder. That is a bother to say the least.

The normal price of this app is a bit much I think and I would never have upgraded if the discount price was not so low. That being said It's a wonderful tool.


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