I'm not one to wave the pride flag really, but it's part of who I am and I love who I am.

I am Pansexual, but it's not actually all of who I am. In fact it's just a small part. Yes I realize some people their sexuality is almost all of who they are, but not me.

I have in the past been part of an organization that tried to help others of the LGBTQ+ rainbow, but it degenerated into a coffee club for the most part. The young folk took up the mantle and are now the ones to go to in town.

But for me most of who I am is how I interact with people and my art. Yes I'm just a hobby artist, but I love doing it and I feel the need to keep doing it. That is my true identity.

I'm an artist, a friend, a poet (kind of), a helping hand, a good listener, a kind person and lastly Pansexual. But I do understand why for some it's almost all of who they are. There is a need to educate and be there for each other - for them, that is who they are.


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