8.5g of Reaper Pepper Chili Powder

Honestly for how much of this you need in a chili, this would last me 5 years of every day use. It is however, not for me - it's for a friend of a friend.

I picked this up for $10 on eBay and that was the SHIPPED price from the USA. It's very reasonable. The pods I got last year for the same price where from the land down under and make like 1/60th of the powder that is in this bag.

The same seller has a 3 pack of Reaper, Scorpion and Ghost. I may actually get that one of these days, but not this month for sure. It seems your best bet for extreme spice is from the small market sellers in the USA.

Yes, I know, 8.5g is not a lot - but this shit is hot as hell LOL.


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