This was not only annoying as hell, but strange as hell as well. So my Samsung Galaxy S7 kept sending me alerts that the Legal Information had changed and I needed to check some boxes. Sigh. Well I checked them and it did not help.

It kept sending me the same dang thing over and over again. After the 10th time I got it I posted the vlog to the left. Well as it was processing BOING - on came another notification wanting me to click boxes again. NOTHING was making this go away.

I googled it and found out that it had happened in the past several times. The fix was baffling to say the least... You had to log into the Samsung web site and change your password. Well it freaking worked. I got not one clue how, but it did. After 14 notifications it stopped. Go figure.

On a side note, it turned ON the marketing crap I went out of my way not to accept. I turned it off on my profile on their page. Turns out they did this several times before as well.


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