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So yeah, tomorrow Pot goes on sale all over Canada. They are expected to not actually have much on the shelf's for some time however. So, as most, I'm expecting day one to be underwhelming and a bit of a disappointment to many.

Personally I won't be going out and getting any ever. It's not good for my mental health you see, so I'll be staying away from it as always.

I have in the past smoked a joint or two in my High School days, and more recently - I have had pot cookies (maybe 3 or 4 years ago). They make me paranoid as hell and I did not at all like it. Yes you can get blends that are very more balanced and don't have much THC in it - but I'm not chancing it ever again.

Honestly the pain relief did not last long when I had the cookies. I'm talking maybe 3 hours. If I need to much down an expensive cookie every 3 hours I don't think I can afford it. It did however 100% kill the pain and literally nothing has done that other than pot.

Right now I have the day to day pain cut in half by an industrial dose of Hemp Seed Oil. I take 1000mg 2 times a day and it's kept working about the same for years now. I think I'll stick to that as I can afford it. My Fibro flairs on the other hand are not cut in half, but instead of being out of my mind in pain I can still do things most of the time when it's a bad one.

Yeah you can get CBD and not get the bad effects of being stoned, but I honestly can't afford it. Maybe if on Friday I win the lotto, I'll be doing for that option, but I'm living on a disability pension that is really not that generous - so not any time soon.

I'm sure a couple people I know will be out trying it for their first time, as they where not willing to break the law as a teen (or now). but other then that I'm kind of sure most people I know won't be going out and getting it all that often. Yes some do partake every day now and that's great it's working for them, but no money over on my end. So...

Well anyway, if you are Canadian and will be taking part for the first time some time after you read this, come back and tell me how you liked it. Hell if you are from any place on earth and tried it, tell me how you liked it.

I'll end this off with saying my entire life, I have not cared if people smoked pot and wondered even as a child why the hell it was not legal. My dad was a cop for a very long time and honestly he did not think it should be a crime to partake - but he did his job.


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