I have to say the many years ago that I stopped wanting to be someone or look impressive to others changed the world for me.

Now all I really care about is making others smile now and then and listening to what they need to say when they need to talk. It's the most important part of my life right now.

For a time the most important thing was taking care of Mom while she was sick. Then after her death it was back to the people I care about and helping them smile. I don't often get people saying "you helped me today", but now and then someone will. This is a reward that is worth more than anything in my life.

All I ask for in return is for people to do the same and for the most part with my friends (in town and online) do just that for me. I get a lot of help when I need it from friends and they make my life worth the pain I deal with.

I have to say that with Facebook and Messenger I keep happy as most of the time I'm inside alone with nothing else to do but watch TV or a Vlog on YouTube. I do however spend a couple of hours a day listening to music as well. Music is a soothing thing that moves the spirit after all.

But yes, it's free to make people smile and it's free to help (most of the time). The rewards out-way the time and energy you put into it. Hugs and happy day to you.


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