So after ordering a treat for Halloween and all other expenses (including setting $60 aside for my birthday party) I'll have about $80 for the rest of the month. So not much fun to be had this month. Still last month I had a LOT of unexpected expenses and ordered a hell of a lot of cool things I wanted. So being last month was a lot of fun, it's all good. I have everything I will need and a little left over in case I need something else. For my birthday I'll be eating out then getting a bottle of whiskey for that night (won't drink it all). Life is very good to me. I am grateful for every moment of it.


  1. lol them and their hand tossed, wouldnt it be funny if they put "Robot Tossed" lol I have never seen a pizza from a pizza place that was not hand tossed.

    1. They don't suck. Next week I order a sub I think


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