Got My ThinkCenter M91P USFF PC

 ThinkCenter M91P USFF PC running windows 10 Home. Well let me tell you, I love the thing, it's fast and quiet but I had an issue that is not cool. See the boot settings in BIOS are first try to boot from USB. WELL this is not good since I have an external USB HDD. So, it tried to boot from the external drive and kept coming up with "no operating system found".
Well the BIOS settings where to say the least a bit confusing and I thought I had resolved the issue but NOPE. There are 3 boot sequence settings you see. Sigh. So I finally set all 3 to boot first from the HDD1. I went to the extra measure of telling it NEVER to boot from the USB. Now it loads correctly every time. But dang. Yes I know they set it up to boot from USB to install Windows 10 in the first place, but put it back after will ya?

The other thing is, there is NO recovery partition on the thing. So I will need to download an install of Windows 10 onto a USB key and hope I never have to use it LOL.

Did I mention they left a CD in the DVD ROM? Yeah...


  1. Click settings, Search for "recovery", select "create a recovery drive" and have a blank formatted thumbdrive in a usb port :)

    1. I used the media creation tool to make a thumb drive copy of the install. If I ever have to use it I will have to set BIOS to boot from the USB as I disabled that to get around a very stupid conflict with my external drive.


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