This was Dad's mug that was made for him by his friend many many years ago. It's older than I am. For many years it sat on a shelf and held the keys to the gun locker. But I on my own have never even owned a gun so them days are long gone. I did however shoot competitively in my younger days. I think I stopped at age 12 if I remember. In any event, I was told by several friends of the family that in the day my Dad was a party animal LOL. It's actually hard for me to imagine. I had only seen him drunk off his ass twice in my life and never seen him wild as it where. This is the oldest family relic I own. I do have Moms rinds and a glass box she had as well as Dad's ring and his retirement gold watch. Non of these things are worth more than a few bucks, but they are priceless to me.


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