So the trip I wanted to take to Saskatoon is not going to happen. I am just not well right now and I don't think it's going to change before we went. I don't want to end up running to the bathroom every 45 minutes when I'm supposed to be having fun.

Also my knees are acting up again. It goes in cycles, for months they will be fine then for months they will hurt like crazy when I walk. So that alone is not going to be fun if I'm trying to walk in a mall or in a park.

I went nuts and spent the $60 I had saved for the trip because I figured "I deserve fun". Then I regretted doing it. Good thing is a nice person just donated $60 so it's all good in the end. Life seems to work out.

I have a letter to send out on the 28th before going to coffee and I've already printed it off, signed it and stuffed it in the envelope. Speaking of the envelope, the first one got mutalated in the printer. I'm glad it did not get stuck - I've got literally no idea on how to get it out and the printer was $49 so do I really want to take to a shop to get it fixed? I should run a cleaning cycle on it one of these days though.

I have several things on the DVR to watch and tonight AHS: 1984 is starting up and will record. Looking forward to the new season and seeing how they do it. I'm kind of sure it's a candle lake kind of feel though from what I've seen.

I watched "Unbelievable" on Netflix and it blew me away. It was simply amazing. I have to finish Caravel Row on Prime now - I can't seem to watch more than 1 episode before I need a break - maybe it's just too intense and I can't do it in one go. It's a very good and well done show to say the least.

I've got a year and a half until my cable contract is up and after that it's toast. I am just always not having quite enough money this last while and I'll save $72 by getting rid of it even if I keep the internet with Shaw.

If I switch to Sasktel for internet, I lose the ability to use the WiFi in the common aria as you need a Shaw account to use it. But I have unlimited date on the phone and the ability to download YouTube videos to the phone to watch when I'm doing laundry, so I won't miss it.

Switching would save save me $40 more with the same upload speed but 1/3 the download speed - but I don't need blinding fast downloads. I do however need unlimited bandwidth - lowering speed on Shaw would cap me to 500GB and I'd easily go over that with only steaming to watch.

I thought about getting the HBO + CRAVE service but for $20 a month I expect the freaking app on my Firestick to work and it won't stay logged in. It keeps asking me to go to a web page and authorize the device each time I use the app, so no way in hell.

As for other services, I really am not interested. I figured Shutter was a good idea for $6 a month but I soon ran out of things to watch on it so nope. I don't care about a great deal of the other services, so nope. I'll just stick with Netflix and Prime.

Well I'm off to eat some veggie lunch and then watch some TV - you all have a wonderful day.


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