The joy of being on disability and living in social housing. It's 12C or 53F in my apartment. I am disabled and have medical conditions that make it very painful to be cold. So I'm in in a lot of pain from it. I sent an email to the people who run this place and they basically told me "keep active and make sure the windows are closed". The hell? Like I'd have the windows open? Sigh. And active? I'm disabled, am I supposed to do jumping jacks are run up and down the hall? Besides I have to go to sleep eventually - waking up might be an issue.

The joy of living in social housing (subsidized). Basically because you don't have the money to lawyer up and take them to court, they just do what the hell they want when they want.

The told me I'm the only one who complained. How the hell is that even possible. There are people playing cards in the Rec Room in winter clothing. How the crap are they not phoning in and screaming at someone? Some of these people are in their 80's for God sake.

They told me it's not the day they turn on the heating. I get that it's not normal to be 10c outside this time of year, but ya know - it is. The best thing is, I bet the person who passed me off in her reply to me has her freaking furnace on right now. I'm willing to bet on it. Sigh.

Once again the plight of those who can't defend against the nonsense are pushed around. This just sucks.

Seriously should not have to have the oven on with the door open to keep from dropping dead in my apartment. I can't leave it on overnight, so I don't know how it's going to work to sleep. I also have no money to go and get a heater to plug in as I'm on disability and don't have the money.

So I'm screwed.


  1. When they replied to my email they literally said no open flames and keep heaters away from flammable objects. I'm guessing someone lit a fire one time and now they have to say it LOL


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