I started a Red Bubble Store. I had one before for 3 or 4 years and closed it after 12 months of no sales. I'll just let it sit there. I don't honestly expect to do much with it. There are a very large amount of very talented people on the site and to be honest most people want to buy T-Shirts not prints and I don't really have shirts to offer, just prints and coffee cups and stuff. So I'm sure almost nothing will come of it.

I do like that a couple of them let me sell "leggings". I have no idea what that was such a kick to me. It wanted to have leggings for the one thing but I turned it off. There would have been a hand right on the crotch - so that would be tacky. But hay several have bathmats hehe.

Anyway kick the link above if you want to look it up. I'm kind of sure 98% of people who read my blog don't actually have money to spend on things like this - so it's OK just to look and say what you think.

Most of it so far is older 3D renders I did years ago in very large size. To post the MB3D fractals on there it took me literally all day for just 1 fractal, so there are not many. It wants them to be very large and with that it takes a long time to render - a VERY long time. But as I watch a movie or 2, it makes the render.

Anyway if you are an artist and don't expect to make a living off it, I recommend the site. It's extremely easy to use and they sell a pile of stuff - hell even if you just want to make things for yourself, it's a good place to do that.

Have an awesome day and keep smiling.

P.S. all my posts on DeviantArt will always be free to use and always be downloadable. It also won't be in nearly as large an image.


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