We are blocked in on 3 sides now. The street for the south is only accessable if you pass through our parking lot or the church parking lot, as Main street is blocked at the end of it and 1st NE is blocked on the other end of it. So they are working on 2 sides of us right now.

I have to say it's a bother. I don't like loud noise and I get far more than enough with the extremely loud cars in this city that the cops don't care about giving a ticket too. So to have all the construction sounds is an extra bit of not having fun for me.

It's not one of those I'm grumpy things, I have sensory issues and this last 7 or 8 months they have been rather extreme for me. So the noise is causing me a great deal of stress. However it literally has to be done, the water pipes all need replacing and it has to get done. So here I sit cringing all day.


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