60 second RPG

This is an old-style text-based dungeon hack style came. You can play a fighter, a thief or a mage. It’s very simple and easy to use but no flash at all, just words on a screen and ANSII images. You can play with the mouse alone and it’s very easy to do. It’s also very easy to die if you don’t know when to run. I give it a 3/5.

Pixel Dungeon

If you are older or into classic gaming, you might know Castle of the Winds. Well this is similar in style but with nicer graphics. Basically, you are able to move around in a random dungeon with many levels and hack your way threw it. You can use seeds to plant a plant of some kind that will stop monsters for a time so you can fight better. It’s a simple game and easy to use.

I’m completely addicted to it at the moment even though as normal I’m not good at it. I rather suck at games.

You can actually cheat with the saved game, but it’s encrypted with an XOR shift so if you decode it, you are able to edit the meta code in the file then re-encrypt it then win like crazy. But what is the point of that? Because of the way it saves, you are not able to use Cheat Engine to make yourself immortal.

So, in all unless your willing to work harder at cheating than playing, it’s not actually worth it to cheat. That being said, if someone as sucky at games can get 5 or 6 levels in first try, you should be able to play it with some ease. Rating 4/5.

Yatzy Premium

OK it’s Yahtzee, what can I say. It was a few bucks and I had a credit, so I got it on the Microsoft Store. It’s not actually quite the same as the tabletop game – as usual MS has tossed in a strange scoring system and all kinds of crap you need to play to unlock. I would have preferred to just play the game in a classic style.  Would also like to see the ability to play with friends over the internet. 2/5.

Farkle Pro

I don’t actually know why this has “Pro” stamped on it. It is the same simple game but scored slightly different. Again, I’d like the ability to play with others online and I can’t seem to see the ability to do that. Rating 2/5.

Jewel Fever

There are 8 million versions of this game. You match the jewels and score points. It’s not the best game in the world if you want to think at it, but it will kill a great deal of mindless time if you just want to use up some of your lifespan on it. Rating 3/5.

Bubble Breaker 10

Well at lest this takes a bit more strategy to play. You need to see the patterns and how things will match up when you break of the bubbles. You can easily screw yourself into ending the game with no moves. It’s not extremely hard to play however and many people should be able to learn how to be good at it in a day. Rating 4/5.

Mahjong Solitaire

It’s a classic math 2 tiles game you know well. It has a lot of nice-looking boards to play and can be hard if you are not that good at seeing things in a clutter. A slight bit of strategy is also needed. Not much to say, we have all seen a game like this and it’s obviously one player. Rating 4/5.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

It’s all the games you are used to in a package deal. They play just as normal and it’s not special at all. You can waste a good deal of time on these games if you have nothing to fill your time with. The graphics are nice and it’s easy to operate. Rating 3/5.

Chuzzle Delux

This is a paid for game and not an MS game. It is a match the colours kind of game and can be hard to do in the upper levels as there are time limits and locks placed on random chuzzles. There are also bonus puzzle games that are more difficult. This is a more thinking version of the classic match the colours game. Rating 5/5.

Jigsaw Galore 7

This is a fun game I paid $19 for many years ago and upgraded several times. It’s as it says a jigsaw puzzle game. I would say it’s the best one I have encountered. There are all kinds of “fun pieces” that look like things (a man, a dog), and you are able to make the puzzle up to thousands of pieces.

You have trays you can put partial pieces in to get them out of the way and with a click you can organize them around the edge of the board for more easy use.

You can use your own photos and in the day of news groups we used to do just that. In version 6 you where able to make an EXE file with the puzzle to send someone. In’ 7 you can only send a puzzle email to someone who has the game.

I have literally made thousands of puzzles over the years and several people I know have the game as well and we toss puzzles to each other in emails.

You can organize them in folders as well on the desk of the game. Rating 5/5.


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