There is an unfortunate thing about everyone making a decent living. If we pay people who make our stuff a lot of money (a fare and decent wage) then the cost of living will go up as those things are now worth more money. It's a catch 22 kind of thing. With the system as it is, we will never be rid of the working poor. The economy is geared to the exploitation of the working poor. If all the sudden we stopped importing from places who treat their staff like crap and they live very sad lives we also stop being able to afford the clothing and devises they make. Thing how much a smart phone would be if it was made here. The company will still demand it's massive profits and then it becomes affordable to a lot of people. Hell it's starting to be that way now. It's a sad situation that I don't have the understanding to figure a way around it. For us to live the lives we do, others have to suffer and it makes me sad and angry - but it's a reality.


  1. But that's the ethics issue - to give a good wage to people and no exploit people in other nations.

  2. I literally paid over $100 to pay out my contract to get ride of an iPhone - I love my android phone. The A50 is like $450 and works just fine. I don't need a $2500 super computer in my pocket.


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