Facebook Gave Me Back My MEME

I and several others won the appeal about the photo Facebook scream at us about. You can see the post about the "warning" we got HERE. It includes the full picture that they thought was misleading content about Corona that could be harmful. And it only took 2 days. I'm still waiting for the appeal from 2019 about spam, where I shared a post that Facebook actually recommended to me. Honest to god, the only valid alternative to Facebook hell is MeWe and it's not used by the majority of people I have on my Facebook. Also MeWe wants you to pay for the service or be bombarded with nags to pay for the service, this is why I left the site. So we sit here on a site that keeps attacking us for no valid reason most of the time and we take their bullshit, just so we can keep in touch with people we care about.


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