Designated Delivery (Quick Review)

This is the only booze delivery app in my city (Moose Jaw). There is a guy you can text for booze however as an alternative.

You can see the math error, but when I paid for it, the math was correct, so it's all good.

The selection is not even close to the other service, but this is less of a time waster as not many use it. I also like that it's paid for on the credit card right away.

The prices shown are also after taxes unlike most of the other stores where it's before taxes. No doing math to see if you can afford it.

There is the bother of having to sign the app when you get the delivery, I don't like this part and don't know why it's there. Skip the Dishes for example does not make you do this. So they loose a point for making me sign the phone basically.

All in all I'm giving the app an 8/10. It's easy and and I am never left wondering if the guy got my text or not.


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