Being a Nudist in an Apartment Building

For extremely obvious reasons having the desire to not have clothing on (ever) in a building with 70 other people is something that needs addressing. The first thing of note, I'm not the first of my kind in here, nor will I be the last.

When they where going over the rules with me they had in the rental agreement "not to be nude in public arias'". This should be obvious and as a life long nudist, it's something I keep in mind always. It's not appropriate and it's not culturally acceptable to be naked in the general public.

You can see my blinds in the photo. When I get nude, it's after 6PM and it is with the blinds almost closed, and my lights off. I like to sit in the dark and watch movies or listen to music. The blinds are not quite closed to let in a little light.

I'm 30 feet in the air (my window) and you would have to be on the peek of the roof of the building behind my building to see in. To be honest with the blinds open all the way, all you would see is the top half of my upper body from the parking lot. You would not be able to see anything naughty at all. But just to satisfy the desire of most people not to see my fat self topless, I tilt the blinds.

When someone comes to the door at night or in the morning when I'm not yet dressed, I always call out loudly, Give me a minute. I can be in my clothing and at the door in less than 1 minute. It's the blessing of wearing sweats and T-shirts all the time - they are super quick to get on.

I've no desire to expose myself, nudism is not about that - it's about the freedom of your body and being able to accept how you look (body image). We tend to have no hang-ups on our bodies.

Some reading this know that at one time I had a "naked" blog on an adult site. Yes there where photos. But it's an adult site, not Blogger or Wordpress. I left the site, not because I was ashamed of my posts, but because the blogs I followed started to drift into posting kinky content that was of a not so legal nature (underage). I just can't be part of a site that allows this.

If you are wondering it's been all my life I disliked clothing. Anyway, that's all there is to it. If you have questions and they are not overtly outrageous, I'll answer them in the comments.


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