March 2021 Expenses Estimate Final

This is the final draft. Got it figured out. I no longer am spending $58 on my "special treat" as I'll probably almost never use it.

On the 26th I'll be ordering the food for the month and PSP 2021 Ultimate. On the 1st I'll be getting a Pizza and the Booze.

The 5th the Carbon rebate should be in and I'll order my Amazon stuff and pay the Cable bill.

Amazon order is: Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker (3 cup) and extra seals for it. 250g bag of Lavazza Espresso Oro Brick Coffee. 250g bag of Lavazza Espresso Crema E Gusto. 250g bag of Lavazza Espresso Rossa. 6 pack of Scotties Soft n Strong Facial Tissue. 907g can of Kona Blend Coffee.

Booze is a 26 of chocolate Liquor, a 26 of Vodka, and a 12 pack of Citrus Beer.


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