Snarky (But Funny) Facebook Rant

It's bot week on Facebook. I won an appeal today and got this the very next notification. It's like they are looking to punish people to "keep them in line" or whatever the thinking is. It's not a strike BTW, just covered an image they thought would destroy the life of all who viewed it.

Being this is 10 years old, only the craziest fucktard is going to go looking to that far back. You know, someone who is totally obsessed and can't seem to just walk away, and feels the need to dig into every post to see if they can find dirt, even if they had seen all your posts 56 times already. The kind of person who has no life at all and spends day after day scanning the same social media over and over because of a deep rooted and profound mental illness. The kind of batshit crazy person who thinks others are crazy and not them, even if the entire world says "dude, you're fucking crazy". So I don't know why the hell it was covered up, no one will see it.

But I forgot to save the image to show you, but it's a bull fighter (animal abusing pile of shit), who is getting hit in the balls with a bulls horn. There is no blood, no nudity, just a dude with a fucked up look on his face loosing his ability to bread.


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