It's Freaking Cold

Screenshot is from The Weather Network App on my Android phone.

You can see it's cold as heck out there today. This is the same as -31F the wind-chill is -44C and that's the same as -47F.

I never stop being amazed at how people will go outside to smoke in weather like this. In fact at times there will be 3 or 4 of them at the smokers bench outside.

I'm glad my addiction is food and I don't have to go outside to do my thing. The building is smoke free you see.

This brings up an interesting fact, smudging is not allowed under the rules, and I'm wondering why someone has not freaked out about that. After all, it's a religious freedom that is protected. But oh well. Anyway the other phone is a shot of the smoking bench.

P.S. the public safety warnings are Covid and the extreme cold.



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