I Don't Feel Good Mommy

God I wish it was the days when I was at home and Mom and Dad would comfort me when I was sick. I really am not feeling well at all the last few days.

I'm in a great deal of pain and it's hard to sit here typing this, but I'm stubborn that way. I'm having an arthritis attack from hell. All my joints are killing me.

I also am sick to my tummy at the moment. I was 2 days ago as well, but it passed then came back when I drank some tea.

I'm going to stay in my apartment for some time to come, just in case.

I'm also dizzy as heck and have a headache from hell. I'm thinking of calling the health line to see what they have to say. I honestly don't want to end up going to the hospital, but it might be a good idea.


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