Why You Don't Need to Feel Bad About Bad Interactions

Never ceases to amaze me how people who are obsessed and hate for no valid reason think. Just got a "Looser" comment on a video.

Got to wonder about the logic of following everything a person (actually several people) do online for over a decade, literally every day all day long. Also got to wonder about the logic of making hundreds of profiles over that time knowing it's for nothing.

But do they know it's for nothing? I mean when it first started I was unmedicated and off the rails emotionally, so it bothered me, but not for more than a few minutes. Now for literally 10 years it's had no reaction at all to me other then the slight pleasure derived from blocking yet another account.

I'm figuring that they think it bothers us, because the very existence of us, putting out content, and being friends with each other hurts them on a deep and profound level.

For the humor of it, I made fun of the comment on my Instagram. I gave it a bit of thought and you know, I'm 100% sure I'm correct. It takes someone projecting their own self loathing to say something like that many, many times with no reaction 98% of the time. That by it's very definition to anyone I know or anyone who gives it more than a passing thought, is a looser.

A looser being a person who looses at life. Think about it. Every moment of every day, instead of having a job, a family, friends, relatives to think about - they spend on the internet trying to find something to use against people to "harm their friendships". I find this deeply sad to be honest.

The reality of my friends being with me for 13 years now for the most part (online), and half my life in my city - gives me the knowledge they will always be standing at my side. They will always be there to love me, support me, and encourage me. They are family to me, and I to them.

Every person I've ever encountered in my entire 54 years of life that was like this guy, has been a sad, lonely person with no self worth at all. Even the ones who could fake it enough to have a spouse, where self hating people who can't actually feel love for anyone or anything.

So when you get a comment like that, be it in real life, or online, think - they are holding up a mirror when they say it. They are not saying it to you, but to themselves. They are only projecting it to try and feel power when they have literally no power in their life.

The worst part is, it never makes them feel good, just a false sense of power. These are people who cannot at all feel happy. They are consumed by anger and self hate and this is their world. They look to justify their feelings by thinking that others are somehow harming them and they need to be attacked.

I've come face to face with several of this kind in my life and when there is no distance between us, they are speechless, and powerless cowards. Heck one of them was a lot bigger and stronger than me and he still backed down when I stood to his face. I did not even have to say anything.

Anyway, I've given this all the thought it deserves and will go back to being oblivious to it. I just like to examine things now and then for the heck of it. I used to spend a lot of time reading up on aberrant behavior and how these people think. I've talked to people over coffee who are trained in the topic. But now it's back to doing a puzzle and talking with friends in messenger.

Peace, Love, and Happiness be with you always.


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