Quick Review of Fritz the Cat (1972)

Fritz the Cat is a social commentary wrapped up in twisted and inappropriate humor. The socially oblivious, privileged, Fritz thinks he knows it all and is kind of crazy. There are a lot of goings on that are off the wall and yet speak to the social, political, and racial tensions of 1972 life. This is a trigger warning: the film has a LOT of racial stereotypes and they are to say the least personified. There is also, graphic violence, sex and drug use. It also does not pain the ruling class very well at all (and that's the point). No part of life in it's time is left untouched by the comedic hand in this one. I gave this an 8/10 and I have to say I will watch it from time to time just for the fun of it, as it works on just that level as well as on a deeper level. Side note: the movie was the first X rated cartoon in the USA.


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