I was told one time not to use the speed test from my ISP as it was not accurate. Well they told me to use instead. Well I just did a test on my phone and it was slower by far than usual. So I fired up the PC and tried a speed test with it. The PC being wired.

Well it was a constant 200Mbps instead of the 600 I should be getting. I tried several times and 200 each try.

I contacted the help line on Twitter and got an express chat link. Well I was on chat in seconds - so express meant it. I had reset the modem by power cycling it. I also reset it remotely with the My Shaw webpage. It did not help.

The tech did tests and there where no errors showing up and it seemed as it should be working as normal. Tests showed 200 still, no matter what they did.

Well I gave up and then today, two days later, I tried another speed test and it was between 610Mbps and 630Mbps each try. I tried 5 times. Then I looked at a couple other test sites and they gave me the same results. So I have to say there is some strange thing going on with at the moment. I don't know if it does not like my fancy new style modem, or it's just the site is temporarily broken. In any event, it was a false speed.


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