Being that PayPal is a pain in the ass for paying for my YouTube premium and google pay does NOT like my credit card anymore no valid reason, I want to buy a gift card for Google Play store and redeem it threw YouTube to get my subscription payed. BUT, I'm slightly over my limit so it won't let me guy the gift card from Amazon. What a piss off. I guess I'll have to wait for the 29th when my payment on my card clears in the middle of the night to buy one. The payment for Premium comes out on the 1st, so I need to redeem the card before that and select the google play balance as the payment method. This is a pain in the ASS. But I can't tell when the PayPal comes out of my account so I can't rely on not spending the money by mistake. Literally nothing can be easy. NOTHING.

It worked fine for a year then POOF it stopped liking my card. The strange thing is, I have 3 google accounts and the other 2 the card works fine on google pay. The tech support was useless to be to say the least. They have not one clue why this is happening. If I did not like my music streaming so much I'd just cancel and never watch people with ads again. but I literally need my music and with ads every 3 songs I'm just not doing it.

BTW I need to buy the card in CANADA and no one can send me a code from another country, why, I'll never know. They just say it needs to be purchased literally in Canada so I can't be gifted one from out of the country.

Ya know, nothing has every been easy for me, literally nothing at any point in my life. So why did I expect this to work.

Speaking of nothing easy, I typed the above on Facebook first, then copy pasted it. Well it was scrambled. Ya see when you copy shit it won't copy as plain text, that would be to fucking easy, it has to have the background color and formatting codes. So I had to past it into a note pad document, save it, close it, open it again, start a new blog post, because the old was fucked beyond repair and deleting everything still leave the fucking formatting behind for no valid reason. So here we are with try 2.

All this pain in the balls because I just want it to be easy and not have to leave $12.71 in my fucking bank for fucking PayPal. It's been over a month and Google just has not even gotten back to me. Just fuck - If I did not have hundreds of subscriptions and all my subscribers on the AxeMoose channel I'd just switch to one of the other 2, but that is not going to work well. Like I said, nothing at all can be easy.

BTW if you read this and PayPal me $12.71 I'll be very grateful so I don't have to FUCK with the bank. I pay every last dime to rent, bills and the credit card, so my balance is $0 and I can't just send it to PayPal and be done with it. PayPal is here:

Next month I'll get a $25 card and let it pay the Premium for 2 months then on GST month I'll get another card every time to last 3 months each.

Oh fabulous my heating just started to make a loud high pitched squealing sound. Fuck me!


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