8 Movies With Horrific Endings

Below are the 8 movies with horrific endings. There are 2 ratings for each, first the IMDB rating then mine.

The Descent (UK Ending) (2005) {IMDB 7.2/10} (Mine 9/10)
Paranoid thriller kind of movie. It has lots of good action and a bit of gore. The American ending is rather lame as she escapes, but the UK ending is not so kind.

Eden Lake (2008) {IMDB 6.7/10} (Mine 7/10)
A couple go to a soon to be developed spot (a beach) for the weekend. They run into trouble with the local teens and it turns deadly. There are a couple of intense scenes in this movie and then ending is not so unexpected, but I enjoyed it anyway.

The Wicker Man (1973) {IMDB 7.5/10} (Mine 9/10)
A police officer makes his way to an island inhabited by people who hold ancient beliefs. He is looking for a missing girl and ends up in a web of lies and tricks. His stay is extended not by his will and he ends up in a deep pile of trouble.

Night of the Living Dead (1968) {IMDB 7.9/10} (Mine 10/10)
This was told to not be an allegory of life in the 1960's USA, but it ended up darn well being one. The movie is deeply enthralling and the acting is rather good. It's the first true zombie movie and the people rather cliché. It's not to gory, but the violence although not well done is disturbing. The ending is the clencher.

Martyrs (2008) {IMDB 4.0/10} (Mine 7/10)
This is a disturbing and gory movie. The themes in this one are not for everyone. Two people are in the grip of a torturer and it's all part of a search for "God". The ending is rather harsh and there is a lot of gore in it.

Inside (2016) {IMDB 4.0/10} (Mine 7/10)
A woman who is obsessed with her unborn child seems to be disturbed until near the end. Then you find out she may just be right to be afraid.

The Mist (2007) {IMDB 7.1/10} (Mine 6/10)
A military experiment lends to horrific creatures coming out of a mysteries mist. There is a struggle and a suicide pact. The ending is most horrific for the lone survivor as the last two deaths are on his hands and needless.

Don't Look Now (1973) {IMDB 7.2/10} (Mine 6/10)
A grieving couple run into a pair of sisters one who is giving them advice of a psychic in nature. This is rather good at holding you in a state of tension and the ending is unexpected.


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