Got My First Covid-19 Vaccine Shot

I recently got my first shot. It was a bit sore the next day, and I was almost instantly very fatigued. It also triggered a fibro flair later on in the day. I had no idea it could do that and no one asked me if I had it and the information I was given said nothing. However I'm told in other places they do ask you about fibro and tell you it may cause a flair.

The worst part of this was sitting in a place with no Wi-Fi for 15 minutes after the shot surrounded by people playing with their phones so you don't want to talk to them.

I booked at 12:30 (noon) and they tell you to be there 5 minutes early. Well I'm in line in the cold (it was 1C that day) and in a strong north wind. I'm also standing on a road as there is no sidewalk.

Well we had to wait until slightly after 12:30 to be let in but after that the screening and the registering went fast enough. I got asked several questions and my identity verified at the station I was sent to. No ID was asked for, but they told you to bring it. Your health card should be enough after all and it was.

They cranked us out rather quickly and there was no long wait after the doors opened. So other than the long wait in the cold, it went well enough. BTW I'm disabled and standing makes me have a lot of pain in my legs and back so I was sore that way for a couple days.

It was very far to go however. It is on the edge of the city where they are set up. There was a lot of parking though. I did find it interesting that both handicap spots where taken by assholes who where in jacked up trucks and did not have a validation to park in the spot. But this is normal in Moose Jaw it seems. I've literally NEVER been to a store when there was not some twat parked in a disabled spot with no validation.

So far other than the deep desire to use Windows 10, there are no bad side effects. I do however feel the need to check-in my location online every 30 minutes, but that can't be related I'm sure.



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